Sexy scat starlet Sophia Sprinkle shares 9 minutes of archived filthy fun in a compilation of clips titled ‘8 Fat Loads!’. In the first clip, we get a lovely view of Sophia’s ass, cheeks spread apart by her small hands, hovering over a plate. Her asshole, upon closer inspection, is filled to the brim with a purple buttplug. Sophia sounds desperate to expel her anal toy out, exclaiming ‘fuck!’ repeatedly while the buttplug puckers with the contractions of her moans. She shoots the shit covered toy out onto the plate, an onslaught of filthy caca cascading out after it.

In the second clip, a heel wearing Sophia straddles another plate. From this angle we get a delicious view of her juicy cunt. Sophia pleasures herself by rubbing her clit, while simultaneously expelling an opaque-colored butt plug. She’s so good at multitasking! The shit covered plug flies out, followed by several wet, dark turds. Sophia’s pussy is so juicy, the bright white cum dripping onto the plate of caca. 

The third clip is a cowgirl view of Sophia pushing her favorite purple butt plug out of her asshole. Several small farts escape her asshole, all while she’s grunting and moaning with pleasure.

There are several clips of plates overfilled with Sophia’s caca.

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